In order to follow these principles Onshore Services and Supply (OSS) will

  • Meet or exceed customer’s expectations on our services by complying with the requirements of API, Proprietary Licensors, customers and related international standards
  • Comply with laws and regulations related to Safety, Health and Environment consider them as basic requirements
  • Consider safety as the top priority. Manage the risk and control the losses from accidents, work related illness, fire and damage assets
  • Maintain proper occupational health and workplace environment in order to prevent accidents, injuries and work related illness
  • Conduct the business with the environmental awareness to optimize the use of natural resources and control impacts resulting from the operation to effluent water, solid and hazardous waste
  • Recognize and enhance the skills and involvement of our employees to meet the needs of our customers

The QHSE policy will be integrated at all levels and is the responsibility of management with the active support of all our employees.

The Managing Partner accepts full responsibility to establish the OSS’s quality, safety, health and environmental objectives and targets and manage its annual review for continuing suitability.

This policy is communicated to our employees and will be communicated to Customers, Proprietary licensors, Suppliers and other interested parties upon request.