Enmax Corrosion Prevention and Removal System (CPRS) is a complete series of the units comprised of dissimilar metals in a patented process for the prevention and removal of scale, paraffin, asphaltene deposits and rust in oil and gas production and any industrial water systems. The systems design, material composition and metallurgical processing have been patented and proven in the USA, China.

Enmax® CPRS® Functions

  • Prevention & Removal of Paraffin, or Slow down paraffin deposits

  • Prevention & Removal of Scale, or Slow down scale deposits
  • Prevention & Removal of Oxidation corrosion as Rust
  • Change the surface tension of gas/liquid phase, to improve the degassing (H2S, CO2) efficiency
  • Sterilize,Kill Algae and Improve the water quality
  • Upgrade the combustion efficiency of fuels and minimize the emission pollution
  • Over 98% success ratio per the test reports from the customer database

How Enmax® CPRS® Works ?

  • Enmax CPRS is comprised of nine dissimilar metals as Copper, Zinc and Nickel, etc. , which can form a special catalyst

  • When fluids pass through CPRS units, the Metals enables a change in electrostatic potential of the fluids, and produces a polarization effect on the liquid molecular and reduces the binding between the negative and positive ions and also between the suspending particles
  • This catalytic action will keep the particles suspending and inhibits the ions to binding to each other to form scales, paraffin deposits
  • This action will also breakdown the existing paraffin or scale deposit and flushes away with the fluids

Enmax® CPRS® Working Conditions

Working Distance 5 – 10 KM
Fluid Temperature Up to  700℃
Equipment Surface Temperature Up to  500℃
Ambient Temperature No requirement
Fluid Rate Depending on the size of pipeline and CPRS selection
Pipe Sizes to be in stalled No requirement
Life Span of the  units 5-10 Years
PH of the fluids 3~10
Chloride ≤15000 mg/L
Pressure drop thru the unit 5% for standard fixed ID units, ≤2% or 0 for variable ID units
Working Pressure Low to high pressure, to match the system pressure
Particle size to pass thru ≤7 mm
Types of Scales to deal with Ca, Mg, Br, Sr scales, etc.

Enmax® CPRS® Application Range

  • Oil/Gas production wells and water injection wells

  • Oil/Gas Production, Storage and transportation facilities
  • Cooling water systems and facilities
  • Heated water systems and facilities
  • Civil water systems and facilities
  • Industrial Engine Fuel Treatment


Downhole Units

  • Flowing wells
  • Pumping wells
  • Gas-lifting wells
  • Water injection wells

Surface Units

  • Oil/Gas production facilities
  • Oil/Gas storage & transportation facilities
  • Water Injection lines
  • Produced Water treatment facilities

Scales before the CPRS installation

Scales after use CPRS 6 months

See more detail in our partner website ENMAX® CPRS®.