Visit Enmax Technology CPRS at Daqing Oil Field, China

Visit Enmax Technology CPRS at Daqing Oil Field, China

Thailand Oil & Gas Operators have encountered serious oil well waxing and scaling problems during onshore oilfield and offshore natural gas exploration, in order to better promote oil and gas exploration in Thailand. Enmax Technology CPRS anti-wax and anti-corrosion technology, at the request of partners in Singapore and Thailand, Mr. He Lixin and Mr. Wu Xiaojun of Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specially accompanied Singapore and Thailand guests to make a special trip to Daqing Oilfield to conduct field visits to Enmax CPRS devices. The installation and the end-user evaluation of the application of Enmax CPRS technology in Daqing Oilfield.

With the arrangement and accompanied by Daqing Oilfield sales representative Daqing Ruihua Hongyuan Petroleum Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Singapore and Thailand guests first visited the Daqing Oilfield No. 7 Production Plant Operation Brigade to prepare the second team. At present, CPRS anti-fouling and descaling devices have been installed in all the hot cars of the second team. The customer is very satisfied with the results. The mission vehicle that was visited just installed the CPRS device for a month. The inspection of the key points of the hot-washing circuit revealed that the old scale in some places had completely fallen off, and the old scale in some places had become loose and muddy.

According to the requirements of Singaporean and Thai guests, they also visited the site of the wax well. An Enmax CPRS unit was installed at the collection line of the three wax knot wells. According to an oilfield user’s introduction, before the installation of the Enmax CPRS unit, a back-up line and chemical cleaning work was required every 15 days. After the installation of the CPRS unit, the cleaning cycle was extended to 100 days.

After the on-site visit, Enmax CPRS, anti-wax and anti-corrosion technology exchange meeting was held at No. 7 Oil Production Plant in Daqing Oilfield. The technical exchange meeting was chaired by the leader of the Daqing Oilfield No. 7 Plant, and invited managers and technicians of the No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 7, No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10 plants to participate. Mr. Wu Xiaojun, Sales Director of Enmann Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made a comprehensive introduction to Enmax CPRS technology. Wang Jianqi, Manager of Daqing Ruihua Hongyuan Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., applied the application and application of Enmax CPRS in Daqing Oilfield. The case was reported.

After the on-site visit and technical exchange meeting, Singapore and Thai guests said that the management level of Daqing Oilfield, the hospitality of Daqing friends and the effect of the Enmax CPRS technology left a deep impression on them. As soon as possible after returning their country, Enmax CPRS technology would rapidly promoted in the oil field and other industrial fields.

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